NEWME® works
thanks to 7 steps

Based on a healthy diet, supplements and medicine, NEWME® is closely monitored by a doctor & weightloss specialist to make sure you lose the desired weight in a safely manner. Key benefits include improvement and regulation of diabetes, cholesterol level and low blood pressure.

Below is a step by step description of what to expect.

Personal Assistant

[Weightloss Specialist]

Every person is different; our body, our metabolism. Our NEWME® personal assistant will give you the advice, attention, and care you need so that everything is marching as planned and you are losing the desired weight.

Blood Exam

[Identifiying a problem]

It is important to identify if there is something that will prevent you from losing weight and if you're a candidate for the NEWME® program. By doing the exam, you can receive a service that is both effective and personalized.

Medical Guidance

[Safety First]

The doctor will analyze the results and he will determine if you are a candidate for NEWME®. You health comes first, and as experts, we will verify that you are in the perfect condition to lose weight with our program.

Diet Guidance

[Building a healthy lifestyle]

Once you are a NEWME® candidate, you will receive a diet guide that shows types of meats, vegetables, fruits and drinks you will be able to consume during the program.

Body Cleansing

[Removing all Toxins]

A treatment based on supplements will clean the colon. This step lasts approximately one week. By doing this treatment, your body can be ready to lose weight rapidly and effectively. A cleaner body will bring bettter results.


[Eccelerating Weightloss]

This step is prescribed and administered by a doctor. This turns food and fat into an element your body can use to lose weight. First few days, you will be asked to eat foods that are high in fat to activate the medicine and burn all the accumulated fat. The medicine then stays active throughout the entire program.


[Your Goal is Our Goal!]

We are all built differently. Our drive, emotions and dedication needs a push at times. NEWME® gives you an assistant you can count on to keep you active in the program. You will be guided and motivated 1 time per week to make sure you reach your goal!

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